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Important things that you should know....

Cancellations and Returns

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your order, please immediately contact Indigo Flash.  Depending on the stage of production of your order and the costs incurred in materials and production to the date of cancellation it may be possible to provide a part refund.  Payment for all products is due at the time of ordering and Indigo Flash reserves the right to ensure all its costs are covered before any refunds will be considered.

We consider feedback from our customers extremely important.  If you are in any way not totally satisfied with your order, please immediately contact Indigo Flash within 14 days of its receipt.  Consideration will then be given as to whether the product was faulty or if the order did not meet the agreed specifications.

Bespoke Orders

Where any bespoke design services are required, the costs involved will be agreed between the customer and Indigo Flash through the issuance of a  Quote.

Product Samples

Prior to the production of an order, a sample of the product will be sent to the customer.  Once agreement has been received from the customer (in writing including email) that the sample meets their requirements production will begin.  Samples should be checked extremely carefully for wording and colour matches etc, if subsequent changes are made by the customer a charge may be levied by Indigo Flash.

Hand Made Products

We make our products by hand and to order.  Inevitably there will be variations in products due to this.  Such variations will not be considered faults.  Where suppliers change or alter their own stocks, this may also result in small changes but where considered significant will always be discussed with the customer.

Please be careful

Our products are not toys and often include small embellishments or items which are not suitable for handling by children. Products are decorative in nature.

Postal Issues

Where deadlines are tight or if specifically requested by the customer, postage can be made by special delivery or courier at additional costs.  Please note Indigo Flash will not accept responsibility for delays caused by the postal service or factors that affect the postal service.  Where customers have concerns they should request insurance for their order at the time it is placed so that this can be arranged via the post office when the item is sent.

Additional Charges - UK deliveries

VAT is not payable in the Channel Islands, where orders are required to be sent to the UK, an additional 20% will be added to the order at check out.  This is to cover the charge of sending goods to the UK and you the customer receiving the goods within the UK.  You would otherwise have to pay this cost in any event to the post office to release the item if we did not charge you at the outset as part of your order.

And Finally..

If we are asked to produce items such as Orders of Service or other products that include poems, writing, quotes etc, Indigo Flash will not accept any responsibility for ensuring that such use is within copyright.  It is the customers responsibility to do this and the customer indemnifies Indigo Flash in respect of any action that may arise due to this issue/matter. 

Designs shown on this website and produced by Indigo Flash are protected by copyright.