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Why Indigo Flash?

Our view

The choice for wedding stationery for your big day is vast, many, many options with variety often overwhelming.  That said, very few providers offer the ability for a bride and groom to say - "I love that idea but want to change this element".  

That's what we are able to offer at Indigo Flash - look through our themes which are there to give you a start, and adapt your stationery from the broad options available.

If you have something very specific in mind - just contact us.  We are are always delighted to put together a special invite just for you - however particular or wacky your ideas.

The products shown on this site are a small selection of those available and of those that we have the ability to design and make.


Our standards

Indigo Flash offer handmade wedding stationery, no off the shelf products that have been bought in and no chance that any of your guests have seen the exact same invite elsewhere. Work, effort and care goes into the creation and construction of our products.

It is your day and things should be tailored to your needs, wishes and wants.